spam and viruses can be defeated simply by deploying MailScanner. systems, this first version of the MailScanner Manual includes only installation. MailScanner Guide. Contents. Acknowledgements; Brief Description; Features and Highlights; How It Works; Presentation given at JANET NetWorkshop Abstract. A guide to installing and using MailScanner, and a complete training manual describing its operation and use in fine detail.

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Log all occurrences of HTML tags found in messages, that can be blocked. Do you want to scan the messages for potentially dangerous content? Where to put the code for your “Custom Functions”. This is the text used by the “Mark Unscanned Messages” option above. The whitelist check is done before the blacklist check.

This can be used to implement any custom action you require. It allows you to adjust the list of actions taken on a message by adding or removing any action or actions, depending on what SpamAssassin rules it matched.

MailScanner Guide

SpamAssassin creates lots of temporary files as it works on messages. If this is set maillscanner no, then just the company name and country and any names between the two, dependent on the specific country must match. The original message will not be affected by this. Blank lines are ignored, as are leading and trailing spaces.

Many e-mail packages and delivery agents, such as Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, pine or procmail, can be configured to check incoming mail against rules and save or even delete messages appropriately.

This is a very clever heuristics-based engine that identifies spam using a wide range of dozens of tests on guuide the headers and body of the message. When you bounce a spam message back to the sender, do you want to encapsulate it in another message, rather like the “attachment” option when delivering spam mailscannwr the original recipient?


Most sites set their delivery timeouts to less than 7 days, so that is a guie value to use. They can work just like the filetype rules. This is all done using publicly available on-line databases, and therefore requires no maintenance by the administrator of this package. For sendmail, it defaults to “posix”. This can also be the filename of a ruleeset. This should be a valid SQL statement that returns a single column and one or more rows.

Finding them by content is a far more reliable way of finding them, but it does mean that you cannot tell your users to avoid zip file checking by renaming malscanner file from “. This is a space-separated list of the names of files which contain a list of link destinations which should always trigger the test.

The default values of 10 and 20 mean that 10 timeouts in any sequence of 20 attempts will trigger the behaviour described above, until the next periodic restart see “Restart Every”. However, most users configure their e-mail package to automatically save marked messages in an “Auto-Spam” folder.

MailScanner Guide

When putting the value of the spam score of a message into the headers, how do you want to format it. For this to work you need to use the same value for “Watermark Header”, and have the same “Watermark Secret”.

Once marked, the list will be ignored until the next automatic re-start see “Restart Every” for the longest time it will wait. It is very useful to set this to 1 as it removes any zero-length attachments which may be created by broken viruses.

To minimise any chance of message corruption, any messages that are found to be entirely clean and uninfected are moved directly between the two queues; no attempt is made to rebuild them from their constituent MIME entities. This will result in TNEF messages being doubled in size. Do you want to check watermarks? Setting this to “yes” will have no effect without a small patch to the SpamAssassin code. This makes it easier for novice users. For example, it would not find www.


You should not normally need to set this at all.

MailScanner: A User Guide And Training Manual – ePrints Soton

The primary files you need to pay attention to are: Syslog” for more information. Names of headers, optionally ending with a ‘: Hide the directory path from all the system administrator notices.

Some of these signatures rely on being passed the whole message as one file. The worst possibility is that there is a very small chance of a few messages being delivered twice, but this has not been reported in practice. If it appears, then the web bug is assumed to be a harmless “spacer” for page layout purposes and not a real web bug at all. Beware that many sites will automatically delete the bounce messages created by using this option unless you have agreed this with them in advance.

Do you want kailscanner deliver messages once they have been cleaned of any viruses? Gukde should be a valid SQL statement that has a single placeholder argument and must return two columns and one or more rows.