únor Kosmas a Kosmova Kronika bula Sicilsk co je to a co o n v?Jak se kalo Pemyslu Otakarovi II.?Pro Pemyslovci pestali vldnout?Vyprvj o. There are many sources mentioning arrival of the Jewish inhabitants. One of them is the oldest Bohemian chronicle – Kosmova kronika by Cosmas of Prague. Slavia 77 () (=»esk· slavistika. P¯ÌspÏvky k XIV. mezin·rodnÌmu . L. E. HAVLÕK, Kronika o VelkÈ MoravÏ, Brno , , ; idem,. Svatopluk I. Velik˝, kr·l .. Viz takÈ Kosmova Kronika Ëesk·, ed. K. Hrdina, Prague

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Prague City Line » History of the Jewish inhabitants in the Czech lands

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