Issa G. Shivji is one of Africa’s leading experts on law and development issues. Shivji has served as advocate of the high court and the Court of Appeal of. Issa Shivji is one of the great public intellectuals of postcolonial Africa. He was a law student () at the University of Dar es Salaam. A Theoretical Framework by Issa G. Shivji (). The Concept of Human Rights in Africa (Codesria Book Series) by Issa G. Shivji ().

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In such formations, therefore, the inevitable conclusion was that there was no land question, but only an agrarian question. It probably also holds that the immediate origins of the debate lie in two sources: How, then, did the recommendations from the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Land Matters in Tanzania, which carried out its work from todiffer from what ultimately became the new Land Laws? It concerns how the financialization of the global capitalist economy in the neoliberal phase has expressed itself with regard to land.

At the end of the day, we are back to what the old man Marx said: All in all, the dominant form of accumulation is of the primitive kind, not of expanded reproduction. Three Generations of Constitutions in Africa: Professor Shivji has inspired many younger academics, such as the political science lecturer, Sabatho Nyamsenda, who conducted this interview.

I submit that it is partly because the Left has not fully learnt the Gramscian lesson that the Left has to win the battle of ideas at the level of civil society before winning the battle of power at the level of the State ; that politics is where the masses are and not simply where the power resides. This piece was written when houses along Morogoro road in Ubungo were demolished to make way for the expansion of the highway. What is the nature of the land question in Tanzania?


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Eighth amendment fiasco at issz more. Mwalimu stared at him, and then replied: So I raised the question whether the so-called Ujamaa was really socialism: Issues of Self-determination Aberdeen Uni.

Prospects for Sociology in the New Public Sphere. But Nyerere had absolutely no idea of the political economy of imperialism and of the role and character of accumulation in the process of development.

Lssa Centre will have a documentation room where all the material we collected will be stored and made available to researchers.

A Life of Critical Engagement: An Interview with Issa Shivji

New Agenda -Issue 68 more. He further allowed the Bank of Tanzania to buy gold from small miners izsa no questions asked, thus boosting revenue.

shijvi One of the major recommendations of the Commission was to democratize the land tenure system. There are many very good reasons why we should think in terms of a greater federation.

A conference paper done in on the constitutional process in Tanzania, which has stalled. Develops the thesis that a small peasant under monopoly capitalism is exploited by capital cutting into the producer’s necessary consumption. Social Conflicts leading to the Revolution” ibid. Historically, fromthe land tenure system of Tanzania — the right of occupancy system — was premised on the principle that land security was dependent on use.


Everything about us, without us? Discusses constitutions and constitution-making of three generations- independence constitutions modeled on those of metropolitan powers; nationalist constitutions during the developmentalist period and the current multiparty constitutions in the neoliberal era.

How did reforms under President Mwinyi in the early reform period — mids to mids — differ from those under President Mkapa in the later period?

History does not work in that kind of conspiratorial way. It exposes the inherent contradiction between what is just and what is legal.

Reflections: An interview with Issa G Shivji | Pambazuka News

This course taught us much, because we disagreed with him and thus produced our own counter interpretations. Saul eds Socialism in Tanzania: Learn more about Amazon Prime. A Theoretical Framework May 01, Hopefully, the Centre will contribute towards reviving the culture of holistic, long-term thinking. The dominant intellectuals there are undoubtedly producers and conveyors of dominant knowledge, which forms the basis of dominant ideologies.

In Tanzania, the classical method was to pay the peasant much less than the world market price. Languages Kiswahili Edit links.