IMO Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore · Drilling Units, ( MODU CODE). Tags: IMO MODU Code. The MA regulated under of the IMO MODU Code is for overall and close-up inspections and thickness measurements of the unit’s structure. IMO Resolution A(26) – Adopted on 2 December – Code for the Construction and Equipment of. Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, ( MODU.

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Chapter 02 Construction, strength and materials Chapter 2 – Construction, strength and materials. The righting moment curves and wind heeling moment curves should be related to the most critical axes.

In such cases, sufficient survival craft to meet the provisions of this chapter, including section When such a freeboard is assigned, seasonal marks above the centre of the ring should not be marked and any seasonal marks below the centre of the ring should be marked. If a paint scheme is necessary to enhance identification by day, alternate black and white, black and yellow, or red and white bands are recommended, not less than 0. These ducts, or sleeves lining such ducts, should be provided with fire insulation.

Control stations for activating the alarm should be installed to the satisfaction of the Administration. Underwater bracing should be made watertight and have a leak detection system.

MODU Code Edition

If this is impracticable, or if lower temperatures are likely to be encountered, consideration should be given to the provision and maintenance of heating arrangements, acceptable to the Administration, so that ready starting will be assured. Flexible and portable cables, where necessary, used in zone 1 and zone 2 areas should be to the mosu of the Administration.


These signals should core described in the muster list and operations manual. Where a three-phase supply is used, an alarm should be provided that will indicate failure of any one of the supply phases.

Particular consideration should be given to protection against fire and flooding. Lifebuoys fitted with self-igniting lights or self-activating smoke signals should be located im hazardous areas.

The Administration may, given special considerations, permit operation from ,odu side of a division only. In addition, the nominated surveyor or recognized organization responsible, who should cause investigations to be initiated, should determine whether a survey is necessary.

Bij klikken wordt een externe website met een relatieoverzicht geopend op overheid. The rudder angle indication should be independent of the steering gear control system. A portable extinguisher provided for that space may be located outside near the entrance to that imi.

Theories used for the calculation of wave forces and the selection of coefficients should be to the satisfaction of the Administration. Adequate provisions should be made to facilitate cleaning, inspection and maintenance. Codf should be available enabling such a connection to be used on any side of the unit. However, hold-back arrangements incorporating remote release fittings of the fail-safe type may be utilized.

All lifeboats, except free-fall lifeboats, should be turned out from their stowed position without any persons on board, if weather and sea conditions so allow.

Equipment classified in accordance with the mosu protection classes may be used:.

The Administration may allow a reduction in the total number of survival craft when the unit is in the transit mode and the number of personnel on board has been reduced. Chapter 05 Electrical installations for all types of units Chapter 5 – Electrical installations for all types of units.

Customer ratings and reviews. Within this range, the righting moment curve should reach a value of at least twice the wind heeling moment curve, both being measured at cod same angle. Suitable pressure-relief arrangements should be provided for all systems.


Ccode, where this is not practicable, an engineering evaluation should be performed to ensure that the level of fire protection and blast resistance of the bulkheads and decks separating these spaces from the hazardous areas are adequate for the likely hazard. Table – Relationship among temperature class, maximum surface temperature and ignition temperature. Figure — Helideck obstacle limitation sector: Consideration should be given to the consequences of the failure of systems and equipment essential to the safety of the unit.

2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

All ballast and preload tanks and related piping systems should be designed to facilitate effective drainage and removal of sediments. Such openings should not be provided in a door in a division forming a stairway enclosure. The inspections should be carried out on installation and at intervals 20009 exceeding 12 months and certificates or reports should be readily available. Endorsement where the renewal survey has been completed and paragraph 1.

IMO I810E 2009 MODU Code, 2010 Edition

A second source of energy should be provided for an additional three starts within 30 min unless hand manual starting ino be demonstrated to be effective. The insulation of clde deck or bulkhead should be carried past the penetration, intersection or terminal point for a distance of at least mm in the case of steel and aluminium structures. All search and rescue locating devices should conform to performance standards not inferior to those adopted by the Organization.