I send you a good paper that prove my transformation and my quantization of gravity is completely right and agreed completely also with Hafele-Keating. The Hafele–Keating experiment was a test of the theory of relativity. In October , Joseph C. Hafele, a physicist, and Richard E. Keating, an. I teach physics, and I love the Hafele-Keating experiment as a way to introduce relativity. Because the experiment has a lot of charisma, it’s cool to be able to.

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Consider the diagram in Fig. The crew of each flight helped by supplying the navigational data needed for the comparison with theory. Back at home, they each showed different times. They made airline flights around the world in both directions, each circuit taking about three days.

This observer is the one referred to as an “inertial observer”. The argument usually goes that the setup on the right encloses an area and therefore experiences the Sagnac effect due to the rotation of the earth, and thereby the table is not an inertial frame. The difference in the times compared to our hypothetical master clock would then be. I personally do not consider the Sagnac effect relativistic simply because it involves time dilation – the concept of time dilation was not conceived of by Einstein, but rather by Lorentz and Larmor.

I’m guessing that the top photo might be public domain, since the plane is a Navy plane. The Hafele—Keating experiment was a test of the theory of relativity. Article in Google Books. Tests of general relativity Tests of special relativity Albert Einstein in science. Their predicted and measured time dilation effects were as follows: An online listing of errata for early editions of the textbook by Hartle says that the photo below of Luther and Dabney had been published with an erroneous caption describing them as Hafele and Keating.


Relative inertial frames of reference existed only to the extent that we could not detect their rotation — now that we can routinely detect diurnal rotation in our optical instruments and clocks, can we really say that a purely inertial frame of reference still exists independent of the non-rotating universe?

I don’t know the copyright status of the bottom one.

I don’t know the copyright status of this photo. Although inertial systems are highly specialized, they have an objective physical relationship with the universe because they have no acceleration or rotation relative to the universe.

Hafele–Keating experiment – Wikipedia

In the event that it is copyrighted, I am reproducing it here under the fair use exception to U. If it was taken by an employee of the U. Thus in the context of physics, absolute motion must be understood to mean motion relative to the universe, and any wider or more abstract interpretation of the “absolute” must be denied. They flew twice around the world, first eastward, then westward, and compared the clocks against others that remained at the United States Naval Observatory. Archived from the keatnig on Some have cited Max hafee Laue as discussing the effect after the proposal of Michelson inbefore Einstein was even known in terms of special relativity in Because the experiment has a lot of charisma, it’s cool to be able to show students photos of the men and the clocks aboard the plane.

If this was a snapshot taken by the crew or another passenger, then it is now in the public domain due to its publication without oeating before Measurements in which the only effect was gravitational have been conducted by Iijima et al. Fundamentals of Physics, Part 4 7th, illustrated ed.

XVII, 2 This is the observer shown below holding the red loop. This effect has been confirmed in many tests of general relativitysuch as the Pound—Rebka experiment and Gravity Probe A. It was the best extra 22 nanoseconds I’ve ever spent with the kids. A singular frame where the speed of light is constant, just like in aether theories?


Lemmon for the television show Genius by Stephen Hawking. Il Nuovo Cimento B.

Historical photos and information about the Hafele-Keating experiment

If their motions were truly “relative”, then by the rules of SR both should arrive back at the starting point having experienced the same amount of time dilation in the same direction. In leating, experimenters from the U.

Since the Hafele—Keating experiment has been reproduced by increasingly accurate methods, there has been a consensus among physicists since at least the keaating that the relativistic predictions of gravitational and kinematic effects on time have been conclusively verified.

Index Hafele and Keating.

Historical photos and information about the Hafele-Keating and Alley experiments

When reunited, the three sets of clocks were found to disagree with one another, and their differences were consistent with the predictions of special and general relativity. Luther and Dabney boarding plane [ Full resolution ] This photo, from the same era as the Hafele-Keating experiment, shows U. The following description would seem to be implied from the explanation of Hafele, Keating and Builder.

An overall difference of Any biographical information about Hafele or Keating. Views Read Edit View history. Nowadays both gravitational and velocity effects are, for example, routinely incorporated into the calculations used for the Global Positioning System.

In the Hafele—Keating experiment, there was a slight increase in gravitational potential due to altitude that tended to speed the clocks back up.