Title: Further Fables for Our Time Author: Thurber, James Grover () Date of first has lighted our time, so that we can see where. Further Fables for Our Time has ratings and 13 reviews. Eleanor said: Anyone who has ever read anything by Thurber knows that he is perfect. If you h.. . Fables for Our Time and Famous Poems Illustrated has ratings and 30 reviews. Susan said: The world’s a fine and terrible place. Thurber approaches it.. .

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Clockwise is not wise enough. That’s just how life goes, my friends. A turtle appeared in a meadow one summer’s day and attracted the attention of all the creatures in the grass and in the trees, because the date 44 B.

A few weeks later, the father went to his library to look up “father” in the Oxford English Dictionary, to feast his eyes on the praise of fatherhood through the centuries, but he couldn’t find volume F-G, and then he discovered that three others were missing, too—A-B, L-M, and V-Z.

Pig developed a guilt complex that manifested itself in an activity compulsion. Sorry, I know that’s pretty rude, but I’m just calling it like I see it. Return to Book Page. Where most of us end up there is no knowing, but the hellbent get where they are going.

Further Fables for Our Time by James Thurber

We Anyone who has ever read anything by Thurber knows that he is perfect. I could fish them fablee and dry them out and sell them to a king, if I had wings like you,” she told the dove. Weeks went by, and the weeds grew and the walls crumbled, as the lion ate six meals a day, washing them down with a total of eighteen different wines.


Chris Parker rated it really liked it Dec 02, The Hen and gime Heavens. Dec 29, During his childhood he was unable to participate in sports and activities because of his injury, and instead developed a creative imagination, which he shared in his writings. It was nice to pick up this book on a day when I got some really saddening news for while it is occasionally dark, it’s mostly a light-hearted, whimsical take on the concept of fables. This time, however, the hand that held the gun [Pg ] was not made of wood and the gun was not an unloaded curtain rod, but a double-barrelled gauge Winchester.

It was not the thunder of weather, though, but the thun [Pg ] der of a vast herd of rogue elephants in full stampede, frightened by nothing, fleeing nowhere. If we hang the tables, his punishment will be over. Now let’s go out and take a dust bath and leave old Fuss and Fevers to her nightmares. You will be gone long before I have made this the best of all possible worlds, no matter how possible all other worlds may be.

Further Fables for Our Time

Kingfisher, and he waited. Any fablee points,” he concluded arrogantly. A proud mother phoebe who had raised two broods of fledglings in the fair weather was at first dismayed and then delighted when one of the males of the second brood refused to leave the nest and fly away like the others.

Best read in short bursts, this collection of Thurber’s fables, some more sincere than others, is certainly worthwhile. A crow, perched in a tree with a piece of cheese in his beak, attracted the eye and nose of a fox.

The shocked father sent Flitter to Fleder, the great-great-grandfather of all the bats in the cave. The sounds of jubilee were heard in nearby fields and woods, and as more and jamees creatures turned up from farther and farther away to have a look at the ancient turtle, the grasshopper decided to charge admission to the pavilion.


Penguin spied the prettiest female he had ever seen, trying, all by herself, [Pg 81] to move a sitting-room sofa back to the spot where it had been the day before.

Some gems, most just mildly amusing. His fables often start with the zinger and then he builds a narrative backwards to describe a thurbef situation.

You are one of God’s moderately amusing early experiments, a frail footnote to natural history, a contraption in a museum for future Man to marvel at, an excellent example of Jehovah’s jejune juvenilia. When William came to in the icy water, he [Pg 58] had gone down for the twenty-fourth time, and had thus lost eight of his lives, so he only had one fablds.

Further Fables for Our Time, by James Thurber

Such sport there had been that day, in the kitchen and the pantry, for the cat was away and the mice were playing all manner of games: This injury would later cause him to be almost entirely blind. Common terms and phrases A. Fables For Our Time: A fox, attracted by the scent of something, followed his nose to a tree in which sat a crow with a piece of cheese in his beak. Some of my favorite quotes from the book: View all 3 comments. Dec 22, Ryk Stanton rated it it was ok.

At this, old Fleder stormed about the cave, squeaking unintelligibly.