Empire of the Moghul: The Tainted Throne emperor Akbar, and his son Jahangir is crowned as ruler of the empire. This is the fourth in the Moghul quintet. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. This is the fourth entry in the Empire of the Moghul historical-adventure series set during the sixteenth and seventeenth. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. This is the fourth entry in the Empire of the Moghul The Tainted Throne: Empires of the Moghul: Book IV (Empire of the Moghul 4) – Kindle edition by Alex Rutherford. Download it once and read it on your.

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Other books in the series. Jahangir even requested his father, Akbar,but he refused to break the bethrothal.

But then I had two month long vacations, and I ran out of books to read. History has gone rogue, there’s a St Mary’s team right in the firing line and Max must step up. The cover of the Tainted Throne. Kader Khan’s son dismisses reports of the actor’s demise, says it’s all a lie.

There are very good stories hidden here – Nur Jahan and her attempts to usurp power, unheard of in this era, for example. Even though the interest is slightly ebbing compared to the older bikes of the series, this is certainly a good read. A puppet king is doing little to calm the hatred of the native tribes.

Book review: ‘Empire of The Moghul: The Tainted Throne’

Her machinations against Khurram keep the book ticking. If you want a book that is set away from the usual Euro-centric histories then I can highly recommend the Tainted Throne. Across the treacherous waters of the Adriaticum, rival pirate ships and Roman squadrons battle for control. Originally reviewed at http: Years ago Jahangir was banished to Kabul by Akbar where he saw Mehrunisa. All that said I have bought 4 hardback books in the series, and will keep buying empie by Rutherford, I hope he learns to breath life into his characters to they are more that page golems, but even if he does not he tells a story well and loves his subject.


Also, despite knowing the basic details, I found myself anticipating what would happen next. The glorious Moghul throne empore worth any amount of bloodshed and betrayal; once Jahangir raised troops against his own father; now he faces a bloody battle with Khurram, the ablest of his warring sons. The book also brings out the chequered relationship between him and Khurram, who was also a favourite of Akbar.

Next story Book review: Noor-Jahan, for all her cunningness and shrewd mind May 14, Robin Carter rated it really liked it Shelves: Jahangir, the triumphant Moghul Emperor and ruler of most of the Indian subcontinent, is doomed. The Pirate Chief Simon Scarrow.

The struggle between Jahangir and Khurram in this book evokes a sense of deja vu- it was only in the previous book that we saw Akbar vs Jahangir. We had to dodge FARC guerrillas, Colombian paramilitaries and the deadly fer de lance snake, in the latter case wading waist high in rivers — our guide claimed snakes can’t bite and swim at the same time!

May 23, Shrikanth Venne rated it liked it. Before it is taintev late. For example, all of us know all Indians, at least. Peter has returned – now a dangerously well-informed enemy intelligence officer. Keep Me Safe Daniela Sacerdoti. But still, the recital kept me at tenderhooks yearning for more. Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating the plot. Why was Mehrunissa so powerful? This book is about relationships, how does a man of unparallelled power and wealth deal with sons who want that same power and wealth, especially when they become successful?


The saga of the fourth Moghul Emperor – Taited Create An Account Why Join?

Empire of the Moghul: The Tainted Throne

I feel like I have lived a life along with each of the emperors after reading these books. Return to Book Page. What single fundamental question did every Moghul prince have to contend in his life?

She does not even care for her own family; since Khurram’s beloved wife is her niece. You have a weak king, a remarkably cunning but strong queen, an ambitious but loyal son and a weak son that queen desperately wants to promote.

And the two battle-hardened veterans are ready for their greatest ever military challenge. Hardcoverpages. The Tainted Throne, the fourth book of the series, though not the best of lot, adds to the overall value. Empige days after the death of Anne Boleyn, Jane is dressing for her wedding to the King.

Empire of the Moghul is a fantastic series for anyone interested in learning epmire about the great Moghuls. Both studied at Oxford University reading History and English respectively. Fast paced, brilliantly plotted and desperately sad at times – all hallmarks of a bestseller’ Lesley Pearse on The Girl in the Letter ‘I was gripped by The Girl em;ire the Letter.

Oct 21, Karunakaran N.

The Tainted Throne (Empire of the Moghul, #4) by Alex Rutherford

However, despite the build-up thanks to the enmity between Khurram and Mehrunissa, the end comes a bit too soon. You know what they say. The main relationship in the book is between Jahangir and Mehrunissa.