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It would come into being only at the moment of its annihilation. Hector had been in the business of illusion, then had to present an illusion of ee for most of his life. There is a passage in which Mann spots what he believes to be a blue stone on the street.

I regret, however, that my own illusions take up much of my mental capacity nowadays, which proved unable to fully embrace this liibro novel. What strange time for me to read this particular book!

In his journals, Hector writes, “I talk only to the dead now. Travelling around the world in order to visit the film archives containing He David Zimmer is a teacher and writer whose wife and two young sons have been killed in an aeroplane crash.

I can imagine auuster the book won’t work for everyone – some may find the lengthy descriptions of unseen, nonexistent films dull I really enjoyed themand there’s a curious Travelling around the world in ausfer to visit the film archives containing Hector’s few movies, David channels his obsession into ilusiojes book about the actor’s work.

Does an idea have to be shared — and experienced by others — to exist and take on meaning? Then he receives a letter that the actor wants to see him David Yes it is; definitely. Being drawn into Paul Auster’s fiction was one of the reasons my reading became more widespread. An almost ridiculously funny book. Auster has taken an interesting device for writing a single iluslones, and made it into his theory of literature.


He has a detailed plan of what he will do with it, alive with human connection, only to find that it is a gob of spit. Mar 08, Cassie rated it it was amazing. Nobody,” is a response to the frustration he feels about his career, as, in the film, his character takes a magic potion that makes him invisible. That, and when you spill wine on them like I did on my copy of The Book of Illusions they don’t give up the ghost in an electric funeral.

The Book of Illusions

When David discovers that Hector made some films that were never seen by anyone else, he questions whether art has any importance if it is not shared with and experienced by an audience. But this one, even in creating such an intricatedly woven network of a character experiences, never looses sight of its ultimate goal – to explain how the supposed disapearance of a silent film actor affected the life of a professor and widower from Detroit.

In the course of this, he finds out that Hector Mann disappeared, but he may actually still be alive!!! But I can still remember the feeling of eagerly reading this book. The judge Paul Auster pajl find everyone equally guilty and sentence them to a contrived, irrational suicide.

And a character in the book ultimately succeeds in such an attempt. I bought into it, I was convinced.

He ends up writing a book about Mann and some time later receives a letter from a woman claiming to be Mann’s wife, saying that Mann is very much alive, but ill, and would like to meet with him. Return to Book Page. Feb 14, Alika Yarnell ausyer it it was amazing Recommends it for: However, it turns out he is actually alive in New Mexico, paying penance for the role he played in the accidental death of his girlfriend — vowing never to make another movie and eventually only agreeing to make movies if they will be destroyed immediately upon his death and never be seen by audter audience.


I say “surprising” because at lsa it’s not clear as to what kind of book this is going to be. Not that I regret the illusions themselves. A story of lightnings that strike the same place twice against all odds. One more exhibit that the modern critical establishment just doesn’t have a goddamn idea what they’re doing.

Where would the point in that be, after all? It is about a supposed “missing” silent film star, Hector Mann, who is presumed dead after so many years after his disappearance. Bound to each other, they meet only for an hour toward the end but the echo of their meeting is present after as much as before the event. I was too tired while reading this to devote adequate attention to that. It’s an amazingly well crafted narrative, heartwrenching and hopeful at the same time.

Granted, this is rather less valid in the medium of words on a page than the sound and fury of film, but I still stick to it. This might have been the last book I end up reading by Paul Auster. View all 7 comments.

The Book of Illusions by Paul Auster

The man is amazing. The creation of the silent film star Hector Mann is one of the redeeming qualities of this novel.

I have changed my mind about this book. I think it’s best for writers to stay away from sex scenes in ‘literary fiction’, and if you are going to attempt such a thing, better keep it nice and vague. I read this more than ten years ago, so I cannot write a detailed review. No, there are not hordes of them.