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I enjoyed the last part the best.

Smashwords – Conquest: Earth – A book by Angelique Anjou – page 1

Faine D’Arten is certain from the first moment he sets eyes on the comquest creature that emerges from the strange craft that she is the soul mate his dream vision has foretold for him. It is a funny read. Abduction romance that starts at 83 percent This abduction romance starts after the bonus content at 83 percent. Definitely worth a read! There’s the usual endless back-and-forth babbling in the characters’ minds, the second guessing of everything, the ignoring of obvious signs, and the usual bitchy women and political and atheistic rantings that we all know feature in basically all of her books.

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If those rights are infringed upon that is wrong. This book contains forced seduction, public sex, frank language, adult situations, and graphic sexual encount A banished prince from far, far away This is a solid Kaitlyn O’Connor read.

It is your typical Alien abducts Earth girl scenario, except a bunch of girls get grabbed and neither of them can communicate with each other. And how to terraform Mars, marsaform just doesn’t sound right.


Where can i read Conquest : Earth by Angelique Anjou online? its an ebook…?

It is force if someone limits your clothes to a skirt with no underwear, picks you and flies away with you, Rape should never be condoned. Still smiling This book was very interesting. I had been wanting to read it a long time ago, but couldn’t find it at my angeliquw library. Kayleigh rated it really liked it Nov 04, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Instead he looks to the third planet in that solar system and lands his scout ship into the peach orchard of Bree Denton, one pissed off and beautiful human who is offended by the ship in her orchard, the military taking over her land and the fact she doesn’t have pants on and no one will allow her into her home to get any on.

For once I was not dismayed at the abrupt ending of ezrth Kaitlyn O’Connor book. Tonya Price rated it it was ok Sep 21, Galen is a Valaran who has been forced to choose between imprisonment and being sent into another solar system to colonize a new planet. Angeliquf love heroes with wings. Aerth usual Kaitlyn O’Connor space romance – fun if you like her writing. It does not matter how “gentle” they were are if your body responds.

No trivia rarth quizzes yet. Lords of Mayhem Romance Dec Earfh certain as Anya was that the being who called himself Legion was more dangerous than any force in the universe, she found herself falling unwillingly beneath the spell of seduction he wove around her, struggling uselessly against his determinat Some typos, including capitalizing the word goosebumps.


This story is about how these very different people learn to communicate, learn to trust and fall in love all whilst foiling the American military and Government.

I could not get past the point where women were kidnapped then forced to have sex with men to find anything good about the story. They don’t understand each other so the two points of angeliqque help in understanding the characters thoughts and feelings.

Conquest Earth; Prince Galen by Angelique Anjou

Nov 21, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oct 21, Megan M. Rape should never be condoned. This book was something I found sitting in a file on my computer so I don’t know where it came from. Ali Cat rated it really liked it Shelves: Nouri had suspected the humans would ignore the treaty.

There are no discussion topics on this book conques. I wished that more of the book could have shown the continuing of the settlement that led to the very last part.

Jan 28, Andrea rated it liked it.