Brain Wave [Poul Anderson, Tom Weiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For millions of years, the part of the galaxy containing our solar. So Brain Wave’s brevity can in all likelihood be attributed to editorial requirements of the time that shackled SF writers’ imaginations to guidelines dictated by the. (Richard Powers’ cover for the edition) /5 (Vaguely Good) I have long been a fan of Poul Anderson’s functionalist yet engaging SF.

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This is an excellent little book, well worth anybody’s time. And anybody could be a CEO, so the upheavals would be far more interesting. Oh yeah, and desiring to return to the way things were before? Your email address will not be published. People who hold menial jobs now find repetition and lack of challenge intolerable so they quit in droves. I think you’d retain your original suite of head-programs, but vastly upgrade them, and maybe write some new programs as well.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It was andefson as a paperback novel by Ballantine the following year. Corinth, with his increased intelligence, seeks to understand the field and prevent the collapse of society. Xnderson of our andersonn special functionality was coded by Zane Hooper. Griffith, Clay and Susan. In the most recent two-hour PISA Program for International Student Assessment tests, given every three years around the world to determine students’ abilities in reading, math and science, U.

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Anderson’s story holds up pretty well for a reader. His character is central to the story.

Even indoors, he could brainwavee it grinding andegson the shore, tumbling rocks, grinding away the world like the teeth of time. Like a rare find, Brain Wave published in from one of the Grand Masters of Science Fiction, Poul Anderson, is a book to enjoy and not rushed through. People who previously had an inner purpose in life, some aspiration or goal, use their new boost in intelligence to their advantage, and to society’s advantage as well.


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Brzinwave mention of “Idlewild” Airport and the “Belgian Congo” inevitably dates the book a little, and several plot points a native revolution in Africa being abetted by superintelligent apes; a Russian revolution being abetted by telepathic “Sensitives”; a Chinese philosopher who walks the land, training the people in the power of the mind are raised over the course of a few pages, only to peter out and never be addressed again.

Yeah, there are plenty of stereotypes about intelligence, too. All the animals jumped in intelligence as well as all the people.

Brain wave | Open Library

Some reviewers complained that they would have liked the story to be longer so that it could more fully explore the worldbuildingbut I actually liked the length—short and sweet! Poul Anderson tries to answer that question and, more importantly, navigate the potential narrative problems that come when someone who isn’t an Einstein level genius has to figure out how to give a whole book of Einsteins problems that can’t be solved in two pages.

Brain neurons fire more rapidly, and as a result, they all become smarter. To ask other readers questions about Brain Waveplease sign up. There are multiple issues with the novel. And my response to my rereading the book? One could argue that Anderson is perpetrating 50s views of the housewife who does not participate in anyway with the intellectual life of the husband.

Brain Wave

He was, in fact, intrigued. Apr 29, Kevin rated it really liked it. As for the audiobooks, since I have never listened to one, I will have to take your word on this, Kat. Brain Wave is a science fiction novel by American writer Poul Andersonfirst published in serial form in Space Science Fiction inand then as a novel in This is a common theme in the book.


As long as Earth was in this field, all conductors became more insulating. The overall premise of the story is absolutely great: May 24, Bradley rated it liked it Shelves: His work may not be as engagingly readable as Asimov, or as accessibly impactful as Clarke.

Sheila, on the other hand, hates what increased intelligence offers and desires above all else to return to her previous state of being tending children, cooking, waiting for her husband to get home, etc.

Surprisingly, Brain Wave has aged pretty well. The mentally disabled become geniuses, the average person becomes an intellectual giant and the leading thinkers of the day acquire demi-god-like smarts. A fascinating ‘what if novel, Brainwave is an exploration into the ways human society is organized and the assumptions that are made about how life pou valued.

Before long, laboratories everywhere were churning out incredible leaps in deductive reasoning.

She brings her IQ down to aboutwith which she is more comfortable. Millions of newly gifted thinkers walk off their unsatisfying jobs, no longer satisfied with tedious toil znderson pursuit of pointless fripperies. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.