Shashi Tharoor is once again at his provocative best. In the title essay, we learn the steep price paid by some Iraqis just to obtain a book; what does it mean. However, what emerges clearly from reading Bookless In Baghdad is Tharoor’s acute literary bent of mind. One is aware that he has constantly. Bookless in Baghdad: On Writing and Writers. Shashi Tharoor, Author. Arcade $25 (p) ISBN

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Newer Post Older Post Home. I am always a massive fan of metaliterature.

A bit self indulgent, nevertheless a nice book. His novel Show Business was made into the film ‘Bollywood’ I could not imagine myself bookless at home bookless anywhere I go, if it’s going to happen ever then it would be same like that of happened to Shashi Tharoor. He couldn’t possibly give up or live without either.

Supermely personal, yet always probing and analytical, Shashi Tharoor, the acclaimed author of six books, all published by Arcade, is once again at his provocative best in this book that is part memoir, part essay and literary criticism.

Previously he was a columnist for the Gentleman magazine and the Indian Bookleas newspaper, as well as a frequent contributor to Newsweek International and the International Herald Tribune.

If you call Rowling hypnotic, this man is Buddha himself considering Buddha was a baghhdad of hypnosis! Together, these 39 pieces reveal the inner workings of one of today’s most eclectic writers.

It is the quintessential Shashi Tharoor book filled with criticism and sarcasm. I am not generalizing, and neither is he.

Bookless in Baghdad

Tharoor has lectured widely on India, and is often quoted for his observations, including, “India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.


But I shall touch on points that I think will make you want to read this. Time is not a controlled sequence of events in our minds, but an amalgamations of all events, past to present.

This collection of short essays by the Anglo-Indian novelist and senior U.

Bookless in Baghdad: Reflections on Writing and Writers by Shashi Tharoor

However, take the externalities out of the equation and you have on your hands a wonderful meditation on the nature of reading, writing, and, of course, redundancy Tharoor has done a wonderful job in compiling this collection of essays. I are books, and books about books. Shashi Tharoor can be funny, when he chooses to.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It is a matter of pride, says Kambar, that an entire country has collectively created an epic over a period of thousands of years. And I have been gullible. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Bookless in Baghdad

His insightful takes on Hollywood and Bollywood will intrigue even the most demanding cinephile. Bookless is likely to contain more self-indulgent tripe. For more review follow BookRature Blog. His wisdom as a writer is s My respect for Shashi Tharoor has enormously increased after reading this book.

However, take the externalities out of the equation and you have on your hands a wonderful meditation on the nature of reading, writing, and, of course, redundancy. I found in him a kindred soul here as it brought me happy memories of my high school days when I and my friends used to feverishly devour PGW books one after another. All in all, a fantastic and fascinating lens to examine India tho I picked this book up in Kerala on my first visit to India.

The other very interesting essay is his observations on R K Narayan. It gives an impression of being a book on the middle east To tell you the truth, regardless of your impressive stint at the U.


His words on various poets and their works just proved how inspiring their words were. Also, for those who have read his earlier books like Riot, Show Business and The Great Indian Novel, there’s a great deal about them here, where Tharoor explains the themes he tried to tackle and even puts up a spirited defense for one of his books that was not well-reviewed in India.

Tharoor is a very well read man and at times one wonders if the point of this book is just to ensure that everyone is very well aware of that fact.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The author acquaints his readers with the utter joy he derived from reading books all through his childhood. Bookless in Baghdad Embed. I once again apologize. The king, her father, thought the warrior was a bit too cocksure and callow; he told him he could only marry the princess once he had found Truth. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. What most surprised me was how accurately his chronology, setting, thoughts and favourite authors matched my own and of most of the other readers that I know of.

One of the things to admire about Tharoor’s writing, besides his immaculate language, is his ability to make a definite point at the end of every essay in the most lucid manner. NC was the quintessential anglophile and an exemplar of Indophobes. But why survive if it is only to eat more bread?