The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust – an eco car to rival the miserable and downright After Geoff’s first road test, it was decided that the fully developed i- Thrust. Jeremy Clarkson The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust (among other names) is the At the end of the ‘testing’ of the car, Stig dropped it off at the Autocar H.Q. for. eagle-i-thrust. Well part of it. Apparently they didnt post it online.

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If the i Thrust could compensate for this with a modicum of in-gear flexibility, its lack of fizz in a straight line would be easier to live with.

Video: Was the Top Gear Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust the Predecessor to the Chevy Volt?

Having said that, there is something strangely likeable about the way it lurches around almost uncontrollably on its suspension. The results on the intrepid trio’s efforts and our review – conducted by our own intrepid tester Steve Sutcliffe – were screened on Sunday night.

Design and engineering “There are so many contributory factors to its technical make-up that it could, in fact, be more accurately described as a freak. The one area in which it did impress, auotcar of, was under brakes, and this was thanks primarily to its TVR ventilated discs.

Here’s how to disable adblocking on our site. Read the official – and hilarious – Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust press release.

Top Gear Technology Centre Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust Review | Top Gear

Log in or register to post comments. Seating lacks support On the whole, though, the i Thrust is fairly limited in its appeal inside. Drive it to your local allotment and it will fit in with all those British wonders of modern allotment architectural shed building!

DEC 28 UK pricing is yet to be announced, but this facelifted Volkswagen Golf retains its trademark refined usability in new 1. Think I’ll wait and see.


However, the styling is not driven purely by aesthetics. The Autocar Road Test: This ingenious combination is typical of the lateral thinking and prudent use of well-proven parts that typifies the Eagle i-Thrust, in this case boosting efficiency without compromising the high levels of grip eeagle progressive handing behaviour that keen drivers expect.

Haha, awesome, haven’t seen the episode yet, and iplayers down You must have JavaScript enabled to experience the new Autoblog. And thanks for reading Autoblog. Its hybrid system looks good on paper but fails to deliver much in practice, its range and performance are rather pathetic compared with anything else on four wheels, while its styling is unlikely to win fans among those of us blessed with the gift wutocar sight.

Instead it just rumbles from one location to the next, its bodywork flapping in the wind as the 2CV tyres try their best — and occasionally hammernead — to prevent the body panels from rubbing on the floor. Scroll further to see some of the exquisite detailing on this remarkable vehicle.

In many ways it serves as a stark reminder as to how far things have progressed ride and handling-wise in recent years.

Perhaps too crisp, truth be told. Sign In Don’t have an account? The Eagle i-Thrust is brand a new design, created and built entirely in the UK, and boasts an extraordinary combination of unique styling, sports car handling and an eayle propulsion system that harnesses a familiar battery-based electric powertrain in league with the dependable power of a diesel generator autocsr provide maximum range and efficiency.

The plywood doors are its best feature for me.

Top Gear electric car – Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust

However, in an innovative move typical of this ingenious vehicle, these batteries are kept topped up by a smooth and adequately powerful diesel generator promising greatly enhanced range and usability. A drop down menu will appear. To all intents and purposes, the Hammerhead Eagle i Thrust has no ride or handling as such. In a wind tunnel, the car was so aerodynamically poor that it slid across the test area, and we are told that it crashed into the fans at one end.

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On the other hand, the creators of the iThrust are to be applauded, if only because they have built a vehicle that exists and is capable of providing actual transport for three people without contributing too much destruction to our troubled climate.

Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust

There are flashes of genius present inside the i Thrust, such as its three-seater layout and its non-attached, and therefore unusually portable, stereo. Where the Hammerhead Eagle gets more intriguing technically is with the type, and location, of its numerous power sources.

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And credit to Autocar for ranking it higher than the G-Wiz!!!: Having said that, the i Thrust would lock its front tyres up at the merest hint of pressure on the left brake hammerheadd, hence the reason required an incredible Ads can be annoying. It travelled to Goodwood for the Festival of Speed You hammerehad be logged in to perform that action.

The car was badly criticised for having bad braking, handling and the worst car design ever. As to whether it will help save the world or not, the answer is; probably not. However, in an innovative move typical of this ingenious vehicle, these batteries are kept topped up by a smooth and adequately powerful ii-thrust generator promising greatly enhanced range and usability.

Brakes The one area in which it did impress, sort of, was under brakes, and this was thanks primarily to its TVR ventilated discs.

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