Uploaded by sauron This is the first edition of “The Mastery of Life” (), the successful promotional booklet describing the Rosicrucian Order, A.M.O.R.C. Can being a Rosicrucian student give you Mastery of Life? Home Study Lessons Initiation and Fraternity The History of Rosicrucianism AMORC Today How to. with the mastery of life. The men . pared to meet all of the obstacles of life, to sweep A.M.O.R.C. The references appear under the subject of “Rosicrucian.”.

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This inner peace helps you remain calm, centred, and focused in the midst of crises, makes you a source of strength for others, and promotes more harmonious personal relationships with your friends and loved ones.

You will understand the natural laws that govern all realms. Our organisation world wide has always treated our membership information with the strictest privacy.

Its teachings are translated into 14 languages and its groups are found in over cities. The initiates were called mystae. This is occult information, posted only to illustrate the kind of deception that is now infiltrating churches as well as the maxtery.

Yet despite all this the inner self does remain alive in everyone, and many are ready to heed its call. Perhaps you have already swum in the vast sea of metaphysical and self help books, programmes, lectures, seminars, movements. As adults we are thrust into a society geared towards materialism and maintaining the status quo. The art of mysticism can be learned. Underlying it all is a code of natural law which forms the core of the Rosicrucian teachings and which remains constant over time.

Purpose of our Spiritual Evolution, Reincarnation and Karma What can I accomplish in life? Only you can judge their validity by putting them to the test. Information regarding membership is never divulged or sold to a third party.

Yet, it is the path that has given us many of our greatest minds, enriching the madtery with their physical inventions, scientific discoveries, beautiful works of art, music and books, but most importantly, their personal approach to life.

Full text of “AMORC Mastery Of Life”

In these beautiful rituals, mystical laws and principles are demonstrated in a dramatic form, to both inform and inspire you. Throughout medieval Europe mystical knowledge was often necessarily couched in symbolism or disguised and hidden in If I am accepted as a Student member, I will abide by the following traditional pledge made by all new Student Members: If someone living in your household is also interested in studying with us, please take advantage of our Companion Membership programme, which offers considerable financial savings.


As an organisation we are bound by the Commonwealth of Australia Privacy Act of No rite or ceremony is a true initiation if it does not do the following; a cause you to engage in introspection, that is, turn your consciousness within, to look upon yourself; b engender within you a feeling of aspiration and idealism; and c exact from you a sacred obligation or promise which you make to yourself that you will try to fulfil your aspirations.

While Rosicrucianism is primarily a western phenomenon it is also eclectic and uniquely draws on the diverse mystical traditions of ancient Greece, China, India and Persia. However, the teachings continue past this point bringing greater depth and advancement towards illumination.

How the Information is Structured New students begin with a series of three introductory degrees comprising an overview of the Rosicrucian course of study. Rosicrucians call this Mastery of Life. If some aspects of our knowledge you simply cannot accept, we do not seek to force you to do so. Its great power can be applied to the everyday affairs of your life with startling results. For others however, these topics are quite new and there is a great deal of catching up to do before they fully understand the potential that lies within them.

Would you like to experience Mastery of Life?

It is simply an art of knowing. Our Commitment to Privacy Your privacy is important to us. You can enhance the strength and power of lofe inner being, bring it to a higher standard of operation, opening up a whole new resource for increased intuition, insight, creative inspiration, and innovative solutions to problems. In the first four or five years you will be given the necessary knowledge and techniques that will enable you to achieve a high level of mastery of life. These benefits will continue for as long as you express a desire for active membership and masteey your dues current.


A proper definition has always been elusive akorc vague. Metaphysics is that which falls beyond the five physical senses; for example, intuition, visualization, and healing techniques.

I have stated my purpose for joining the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and hereby accept your invitation to unite with Rosicrucians in their research, studies and experiments, as outlined in your literature.

Anytime you submit personal or financial information during a transaction, our secure server encrypts the information prior to sending. Will you consider with an open mind new ideas regarding yourself and the universe in which you live?

In fact, in ancient Rome the mysteries were called initia. And only you can decide whether or not to accept them into your life. No other fees are required, nor must you purchase any books or other supplementary materials. You can attain what is called Cosmic Consciousness.

Exactly what you are seeking, what you want to accomplish, what challenges you face or difficulties you want to conquer is, of course, only for you to judge. The teachings are continuously updated to reflect our modern world, while keeping true to the traditions of the Order.

Lofe many topics covered in a practical way there are: Learn techniques for relaxation and meditatio n, how to use visualization as a tool to achieve your goals This heralded a renewed interest in Rosicrucianism throughout Europe.

The Rosicrucian studies give you specific knowledge of metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, parapsychologyphilosophy, and science How to Contact Us We thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and the benefits we have to offer.

When a,orc is acceptable and complete, we will send you your first package mxstery study materials. Participation in initiation rituals does not, in itself, make you a true initiate, and Rosicrucian students are not required to participate in rituals.