ABLOY EL – Electromechanical. Lock (72 mm Distance). Application. • For both interior and exterior solid doors. • The handle can be controlled by means of . ABLOY® EL, EL, EL, EL Europrofile handle controlled locks. ABLOY® Europrofile locks offer intelligent solution for medium traffic doors. 12/24Vdc fail safe/fail secure Suitable for wooden or metal doors Backset: 65mm, Forend: 24mm Outside handle controlled Inside handle allows egress at all.

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RVS Sluitplaat x 32 x 3mm. With fail unlocked operation the electronic function is the opposite. This handle controlled lock is best suited in medium traffic doors. These handle controlled locks can be used with both fail locked and unlocked operation. Full-leaf models with 55 mm backset for full-leaf wooden and metal doors. The lock contains no zinc alloy component. Services Home delivery Consultancy Planning. The solenoid locks provide an electric openingcontrol on the handle on the outside, and a mechanical opening through the handle on the inside, with possible acces control on both sides of the door.

These locks are recommended to be used in interior doors of commercial premises, public buildings, hospitals, educational premises, etc. The detection latch is pushed in.

Abloy EL, Futura Handle Set, EA Door Loop And Novel Cylinder With 3 Keys

Only the outside handle is electrically controlled. Solenoid Locks Assa Abloy Ablooy EL – effeff XPZ Solenoid Locks for full wooden or steel doors The solenoid locks provide an electric openingcontrol on the handle on the outside, and a mechanical opening through the handle on the inside, with possible acces control on both sides of the door. The final result is a 2-point lock.


The locks can be used both in exit and fire rated doors EN. The handle s on the outside are active.

Certified fire protection strike. Small size, FaFix function. Mechanic combination of the latch and detection latch. Vertical profile cylinder locks; Horizontal profile cylinder locks; Blind cylinder locks; all These locks cannot be used with door automatics. Our website uses cookies for an improved user experience.

Electric lock EL560

About us Contact us Zartalon Company details Safeguru. The Lock stays unpowered, if it’s working fail secure.

How it works Closed door: For keeping an eye on latch status, bolt monitoring contacts offer a The latch and deadbolt automatically get locked by a combination, of pushing the detection latch and the latch, even when a powercut occurs.

Single side locking padlocks; Double-side locking padlocks; Hasps. Mechanically, an opening by cylinder is always possible. By operating the handle on the inside when he’s activated, or by using the key on the outside. Abloy EL electromechanical mortise lock. Security fittings; Fire door fittings; Security escutcheons; Standard fittings; Short fittings; Spindles; all The Lock stays powered, if it’s working fail safe.

The latches are made from polished steel with a nickle coating; the two-lid spindle is made from steel. The handle on the outside is not activated and does not have any influence on the shooters.

The detection latch is free when the door is opened. It is also equipped with an automatic locking mechanism of the deadbolt, that guarantees at each closure. You will meet them typically in doors of offices, meeting rooms, technical maintenance rooms, doctor’s offices, and in medium traffic fire rated doors. Aboly Faceplate, with a thickness of 3mm is made from stainless steel. This lock can be ablyo controlled by access control system or by a remote control system such as timer, keypad or push button.


If there is access control on the outside, by the splitted spindle, it’s necessary to use 2 handles with a splitted spindle. The detectionlatch is again pushed.

RVS Sluitplaat x 40 x 3mm. When receiving a voltage impulse or power outage on the solenoid, the outside handle gets activated access control on the outsideor both of the handles access control on both sides the deadbolt and unlocks the latch as long as: Full-leaf mortise locks; Tubular frame locks, sliding gate locks; Toilet mortise locks; Mortise locks for fire doors; Other mortise locks; Multipoint locks.

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Abloy EL560, Futura Handle Set, EA280 Door Loop And Novel Cylinder With 3 Keys

The lock can always be opened by the inside handle. The specific lockingplate is made from chromed steel. Space saving solution for new installations or replacement. Electromechanical mortise locks; Mortise motor locks.

They are designed to be operated by several pulse generators: These locks feature a split follower and therefore require a handle-handle fitting handle or panic bar on the inside and handle on the outside. The locks are pierced through the mounting screws on the plates and rosettes, which makes it totally supportive.